Monthly Archive: March 2017

Mar 24


UMI Z Features and Specifications

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Mar 18

Xiaomi Mi5c

Xiaomi Mi5c Features and Specifications

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Mar 15

Xiaomi Mi6 release likely moved to May

Xiaomi Mi6 Leaked Photo Black

Xiaomi Mi6 may be delayed Previous reports claim that Xiaomi Mi6 will launch on April 16, 2017. However, reliable sources revealed that it is highly unlikely that the first phone to feature the 10 nm Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 will debut in April. In fact, the earliest it could possibly launch is on May.

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Mar 12

Xiaomi Mi6 to be released in two versions

Xiaomi Mi6 Rumor Left

Xiaomi Mi6 latest information Speculations about the upcoming flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi6 is running hot. According to some reports, the Mi6 will be launched in two versions. One will be sporting a 5.15 inch screen and the other a 5.7 inch display which could be named Mi6 Plus. Both could be equipped with the full …

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Mar 10

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Features and Specifications

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Mar 07

Huawei P10 Plus – world’s first smartphone with 4.5G LTE

Huawei P10 Plus and P10 Launch

Huawei P10 Plus and P10 launched Huawei recently held a conference in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where it officially released its new smartphones, the Huawei P10 Plus and P10. The company’s CEO, Yu Chengdong, announced the release of these two highly anticipated new phones.

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Mar 06

Meizu Super mCharge – full charge in 20 minutes

Meizu Super mCharge Charger

Meizu Super mCharge revealed Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017 have brought us a lot of surprises. On February 28, the final day of the domestic manufacturers, Meizu revealed the product of their research and development in the field of fast charge technology – the Meizu Super mCharge.

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Mar 05

Xiaomi Mi6 release date and specs revealed

Xiaomi Mi6 Release

Xiaomi Mi6 to be released soon Xiaomi fans have now more reasons to be excited about. Even though Xiaomi just announced Xiaomi 5C, Redmi 4X and Surge S1 SoC a few days ago, they were not done just yet. They saved the best for last – the Xiaomi Mi6 smartphone.

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Mar 03

360 N5 opens second batch of online sale

360 N5

360 N5 launches exclusive online sale again Following the February 27 exclusive sale on the Chinese online shop Jingdong, the first batch of 360 N5 mobile phones was instantly sold out. Fortunately, 360 will sell the N5 again in Jingdong today, March 3. According to the online shop’s data, as of the 28th of February, …

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Mar 03

OPPO launches 5x lossless zoom technology

OPPO 5x Dual Camera Zoom Periscope Style

OPPO launches 5x lossless zoom technology At the Mobile Wold Congress 2017, OPPO held a technical conference and released the world’s first “5x lossless zoom” technology. This is based on the industry’s first submarine dual photo structure or the periscope, which improves optical image stabilization of the telephoto lens. Compared to the industry’s 2x zoom …

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