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Hey there! My name is Kris. Thank you for visiting my site China Phone Review which is dedicated to reviewing high quality inexpensive phones and other gadgets.

I recently found this new hobby of blogging really fun. I have reviewed video games in the past. Currently, I am searching for that inexpensive smartphone that has the features of the iPhone but half its price. So join me in looking for that perfect China gadget!

You can also visit my other website www.chinatabletreview.com. It features the best Chinese Tablet PC’s.


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  1. GARRY

    my name is Garry in from a town called wigan that is outside of greater Manchester England i am looking for another android china phone as i purchased 2 weeks ago the THL v9 very nice and fast phone i would describe this phone as sexy,this phone originally was purchased for myself but my wife claimed it.
    i am now looking for a phone for myself i keep looking at the zopo zp200 my problem is i like the Thl V9 but i like the specification of the zopo but this phone is not as attractive to look at, not like the Thl v9 do you know a phone that is sexy and has the same spec as the zopo also do you recommend the zopo zp200, if so where can i buy this phone at a good price

    thanks Garry E
    FROM Wigan England

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Garry!

      I believe you’re a nice guy because you gave your phone to your wife. Anyway, Zopo ZP200 is one of a kind because it is glasses-free 3D. If you’re looking for a 3D phone, the choices are Zopo ZP200 and LG Optimus 3D, although LG is expensive. But personally, I don’t think 3D is an important feature in a mobile phone. Zopo ZP200 has great specs but I agree with you that it is not very good looking.

      If you’re looking for a phone with good looks and a performance similar to that of THL V9, I can recommend these phones that I have featured in my website: Lenovo A750, Lenovo LePhone 3GW101 (single sim), Zopo ZP100, and my personal choice Jiayu G2. I am planning to buy Jiayu G2 for myself but it is not yet released in the market. I am patiently waiting for that phone to come out. It is currently on pre-order so if you are willing to wait, I recommend this phone because it has better specs than THL V9 and it has good looks too.

      If 5 inches screen is okay for you, check these phones out: Dolphin A80 and Tops I9200 Galaxy Note PAD.

      THL V9 is also one of my recommended phones. You can always buy another THL V9 with a different color. Available colors are black, silver, and black/silver.

      You can buy these phones at Fastcardtech. They have the lowest prices and they offer free worldwide shipping on selected items. You can find the links at the bottom of the pages of the phones I featured.

      Best Wishes,

      1. GARRY

        HI Kris
        thanks for taking time to reply to me,you have thrown a spanner in the works, i am lost for choice.
        as i said i already own Thl v9 so i know the quality of this phone and and screen definition
        you have thrown my eyes to the 5inch Galaxy’s / IHTC,which would be your choice on these phone regarding performance compared to the Thl v9 do they match up with screen performance and CPU like is the screen
        Qhd also is the CPU as good compared to THL V9 as the the Galaxy looks a nice phone.could i ask if these phones are copy phones also regarding Fastcardtech i have had no dealing with this company are they a reliable company as i purchase the Thl from Dhgate as i said i do like the large screen performance and i would like the same performance as Thl v9 i would like you opinion

        best wishes Garry

        1. Kris Amora

          Hey Garry,

          Choosing the right phone can be confusing. The 5 inch phones I mentioned are copy phones except maybe for Dolphin A80. They are clones of the Galaxy Note (HDC Galaxy Note and Tops I9200 Galaxy Note PAD) while one is a copy of HTC Raider 4G (IHTC Raider 4G). I’m not a fan of copy phones but they have decent specs that’s why I featured them on my website. I have not tried them so I cannot say for sure if their screens are good.

          Since you are interested with high quality screens, these are the phones with QHD screens which I believe are good: IHTC Raider 4G (5.0 inch screen), IHTC One X (4.3 inch), IHTC One S (4.0 inch), IHTC Titan X310E (4.3 inch), and THL V9.

          The AMOLED screen on the Samsung Galaxy SII is used by Lenovo LePhone 3GW101. This phone has a sexy design. You might want to check it out.

          Another great screen is the RETINA screen. This is the one used by the original iPhone 4S. iPhone clones have adopted the 3.5 inch Retina screen but most of them are single SIM and microSIM only. Check these phones out: Thunderbird 4S, Goophone Y5, and Dami Y5 (with 1.2 GHz Samsung processor).

          A newer screen which is excellent is the IPS screen used by the original Apple iPad 2. Now, Chinese phones have adopted the IPS screen. These are the Jiayu G2 (pre-sale), SAMHAVE Aone/ShangHe Aone (pre-sale), and Lenovo A520 (pink color, may be suitable for your wife).

          Fastcardtech is a reliable online shop. Just communicate with them all your concerns or questions before you make an order. They answer customer queries within a few hours. Their English may not be perfect, but they deliver the goods. And as far as I have seen, they have the lowest prices online. I didn’t have any problems with Fastcardtech before. I’m looking forward to buying a new phone from them once Jiayu G2 comes out.

          I’m sorry if I made you more confused with all my suggestions. Anyway, feel free to ask me more questions about the particular phones once you have narrowed your choices.

          Best Wishes,

          1. GARRY

            hi Kris
            i have had a look at the phones you suggested and i just cant seem to find what i am looking for lol i would like a phone with a large QHD screen running the new android 4.0 ICS with reasonable cpu have you any suggestions Kris
            and thanks Kris for taking time to reply to my mails i must say your English is very better than mine lol anyway i hope you can advise me
            and thanks again Kris

            Best Wishes Garry

    2. Kris Amora

      Hi Garry,

      It’s my pleasure to help you in your quest to find a new phone. Since you want your phone to have a large qHD screen and Android 4.0, these are the phones that fit your description: IHTC Raider 4G (5.0 inch screen) and IHTC Titan X310E (4.3 inch).

      By the way, it’s nice to note that a larger screen with the same resolution (such as qHD) has less PPI (pixels per inch), making it not as sharp. So a qHD display (960×540 resolution) on a 5 inch screen would not look as sharp as that of a 3.5 inch screen.

      Zopo has released the Android 4.0 update for the ZP100 phone. If you are an advanced Android user, you can buy Zopo ZP100 and upgrade to Android 4.0 from Zopo’s website: zopomobileshop. This phone also has a qHD screen. Zopo ZP200 is also qHD but it doesn’t have an Android 4.0 ICS update yet.

      Best Regards,

    3. Lenovo P1 PRO


      Aš esu Rimantas iš Lietuvos, noreciau Jusu nuomones apie telefona Lenovo P1 PRO.

  2. GARRY

    hi Kris
    thanks for that, Kris when i said large screen i should have been more specific,i should have said any phone 5″ upwards with a Qhd screen, the IHTC Raider 4G is a nice phone but the shell is plain it may look different if you own it,whats your opnion of the iHTC Raider 4G
    do you know any other 5″ upwards qhd screen phones with a attractive shell

    Best Wishes


    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Garry,

      As of now, IHTC Raider 4G is the only phone I know of that has at least 5 inches qHD screen. Maybe later on other phone models will come out with this type of screen.

      Looking at the specs of IHTC Raider 4G, it is very competitive. It has the same type of CPU (MT6575 1GHz), RAM (512 MB) and ROM (4 GB) as the THL V9. The only difference is the screen size which is bigger, the back camera which has higher resolution (8.0 megapixels), the operating system which is already the latest Android 4.0, and the appearance which is somewhat simple. Performance-wise I think the IHTC Raider 4G has an edge over the THL V9. However, THL V9 has the advantage of its good looks.

      Best Wishes,

      1. Garry

        Hi Kris
        whats your opinion on the HTC Amaze 4G Android 4.0, MTK6573, 4.1” Capacitive Multi-touch screen, 8 Mega Pixels main camera, Auto focus,GPS,WIFi, the shell on this phone seems like the phone i have the THL V9 would i be right in saying this phone has higher spec than the THL , i was very surprised to see this original phone for sale on fastcardtech as this phone has android 4.0

        kind regards Garry

        1. Kris Amora

          Hi Garry,

          Fastcardtech also sells original phones like Samsung and Motorola but I don’t think that is the original HTC because it is listed as “IHTC Amaze 4G” in Fastcardtech. Maybe you have missed the “I” in the IHTC. Anyway, the THL V9 has better specs because its CPU is MediaTek MT6575 which is 1 GHz while the IHTC Amaze 4G is MT6573 which is 650 MHz, although MT6573 is still fast compared to other 800 MHz processors from other chip manufacturers. THL V9 also has 4 GB ROM and qHD display (540 x 960 pixels) while the IHTC Amaze 4G has only 512 MB ROM (although TF cards are available to extend storage) and FWVGA display (480 x 856), which is actually better than most 4.0 inch displays (most are WVGA 480 x 800) but not as good as qHD. The advantages I see for the IHTC Amaze are the 8.0 megapixel camera, the Android 4.0 system, larger capacity battery (2000 mAh) and a handy size that fits easily in the pocket (4.1 inch screen). Everything else is virtually similar.

          Best Regards,

  3. Garry

    Hi Kris
    could you have a look at this phone for me this Original sprint 4G HTC EVO 4G 4.3 inches Android OS wifi 4G GPS 1GB ROM+512MB the original phone has 4g also Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich would i be able to upgrade to 4.0, i am confused why it states original i would be grateful if you could cast your eyes over this more

    thank Kris

    Best wishes Garry
    p.s you must be sick of me troubling you i forgot to ask does this phone outstrip the htl v9 and others i have looked at

    1. Kris Amora

      Hey Garry,

      It’s no trouble at all! I enjoy sharing my knowledge on smartphones to others. In fact, I gained more knowledge with your queries and for that I must thank you too!

      I looked at the Original sprint 4G HTC EVO 4G. I believe it is the original HTC and it has good specs. However, the network is only CDMA 800/1900 MHz. Please check your local telecoms if they support this network. Otherwise, this phone will not work with your local SIM. I would look for WCDMA phones because they would work almost anywhere in the world.

      With regards to its specs, I think THL V9 is better with its qHD display. All the other specs are similar. Currently, HTC EVO 4G cannot be updated to Android 4.0. Maybe later on it will have an update but we wouldn’t know for sure. But the most important thing is to check first whether CDMA will work in your country, which I doubt.

      Maybe you might like this phone, Huawei Honor. It is 1.4 GHz, FWVGA display, and Android 4.0 update is available for this phone. It is single SIM though. Huawei is one of the big names in China. They have a quad core Android smartphone on its way to the market.

      Best Regards,

  4. Garry

    Hi Kris
    only me gain lol i have looked at the Huawei Honour nice phone but sure im like a child in a sweet shop at the moment lol,anyway i have found this phone that as taken my eye HDC Galaxy Note Plus GT-N7000 I9220 5.3” Capacitive Screen 3G WCDMA MTK6575 Android 4.0.3 Dual sim Dual standby 8MP WIF,i would like your opinion before i make my mind up to buy or not, this customer has done a video which is shown on the fastcardtech site i would you to look for me Kris if you don’t mind

    best wishes Garry

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Garry,

      HDC Galaxy Note Plus GT-N7000 I9220 seems like a good phone looking at its specs. It’s CPU is 1 GHz which is fast and it’s got Android 4.0. Plus it has an 8 megapixel camera which is high. The 5.3 inch screen is a plus as it would probably satisfy your viewing needs. But it is not qHD like the THL V9. So expect the screen to be not as sharp as THL V9. But I think that is only a minor issue.

      I watched the video and it actually is impressive. The screen is very responsive and there are no lags. I believe this is a good choice for a 5+ inch display phone. Please do tell me if you have made your final decision. I also would love to hear your hands-on impressions of the phone once you have received it.

      Best Wishes,

  5. Garry

    no problem mate i will let you know, its looking like i will probably purchase this phone.
    regarding the Thl v9 my friends at work can not believe how good phone is,for the price
    fastcardtech sell two cpu version of this phone so you have to aware when purchasing.

    once thanks Kris

    best wishes Garry

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Garry,

      I’m glad you have found your next phone. I hope you would really be satisfied with it. When buying the phone, just communicate all your concerns or requests with Fastcardtech, like if you want accessories or special software with it.

      Well, I hope to hear your experiences on your new phone soon!

      Best Regards,

  6. Garry

    Hi Kris
    i have place a order with fastcardtech for the HDC Galaxy Note Plus MTK6575 I9220 5.3″ ,i have never ordered from fastcardtech before, after placing my order i Googled fastcardtech review, now i have concerns and worries
    as customers review are not good,could you shine any light on the company’s customer service and reputation
    as your Chinese you would know best Kris.
    regarding you last email how do you mean if i want accessories or special software with it. are saying if i ask they would give it for free lol,i would like spb 3d shell app have you seen this, i wonder if fastcardtech would give this for free lol

    anyway take care Kris and i will keep in-touch

    Best wishes Garry

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Garry,

      Fastcardtech has been around selling cellphones and other electronic goods since 2005. Their years of existence is proof that they are reliable. I have read many good comments about Fastcardtech. However, you may also encounter some negative feedbacks from some customers. This is just normal for online shops. One factor may be because of language barrier. Since they are a Chinese store, some customers may have found communicating with them difficult, since some of their customer agents do not have good English language skills. This sometimes result in miscommunication.

      So don’t worry too much about it. If you think you did not have any problems communicating with Fastcardtech when you ordered, then you’ll be fine. I think they have a tracking system for their orders so you can check it once it has been shipped. About the accessories or special software, you can request it. Some may be free, while others at an additional price, depending on the item you ordered. Commonly, they give away a free screen guard or a leather case for some orders. You can ask them about it.

      Anyway, tell me if anything comes up.

      Best Regards,

  7. Garry

    hi Kris
    only me again Kris regarding HDC Galaxy Note Plus MTK6575 I9220 5.3” Capacitive Screen 3G WCDMA MTK6575 1Ghz Android 4.0.3, fastcardtech as just formed me that this phone does not support adobe flash player 11.0 i don’t under stand as this phone has the new operating system coupled up with this being the latest
    phone as android market only shows adobe flash 11.0 as this is installed on my Thl v9 phone
    i have just sent FCT a email informing them if this phone will not stream on the internet like vevo then wish my order to be canceled could you find out for me regarding the flash player thank again Kris

    best wishes Garry

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Garry,

      Flash Player 11 is fully compatible with Android 4.0 so I don’t think the customer agent you talked to was accurate when he said the phone does not support it. It does not make any sense. The video review done by the customer Colonel Zap showed that HDC Galaxy Note Plus played video streaming on the internet. Colonel Zap is an independent phone reviewer from Germany and he has a website that is very informative: Colonel Zap’s Blog. I hope it helps…

      Best Regards,

  8. GARRY

    hi Kris
    hows it going mate i have place my order with fast fastcardtech ill tell you Kris there is a language barrier i don’t think they understand what your asking them i asked if they would install spb 3 d shell on my phone they agreed,now i have just asked if they have installed this app now they are saying i will have to pay for this through android market.
    they need to good English speaking employees

    have you been working hard Kris what do you teach at your university you must well paid
    it is the bank holiday here in England as you must have heard it is our queens jubilee tomorrow 3/06/
    i am off work for 5 days yippee

    speak soon Garry

    1. Kris Amora

      Hey Garry,

      Well, it’s a problem for most Chinese online shops. Most of their customer agents need to improve their English. If you can’t get spb3dshell from them, you can get it from Android Market anyway. You can also get free software from the internet. Just search the different Android forums. I have previously posted a link to Colonel Zap’s Blog. It is a helpful site for Chinese phone owners. You can ask him regarding the HDC Galaxy Note since he has also purchased one from Fastcardtech.

      Me, I’m teaching microbiology. Salary is just okay. Good for you, you have a long vacation! Give my regards to your Queen!

      By the way, the THL W1 just got launched in China the other day. It is an upgrade of the THL V9, with 1GB RAM and 8.0 megapixel camera. It’s still 4.3 inches though and quite thick in my opinion. Anyway, enjoy your vacation!

      Best Regards,

  9. talkinghead

    Hi Kris, great website! Does all the smartphone makers in China use Mediatek chips? Seems to be popular and featured in most of your reviews

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! Most of the Chinese phones use Mediatek chips because it is costs less and works very well for dual SIM phones. It allows manufacturers to produce feature-rich phones with cheap prices. Not all makers use Mediatek, however. Some use Qualcomm and Samsung processors, but they are more expensive and not as versatile as Mediatek processors. Most chipsets from other companies do not support the dual SIM dual standby feature, that’s why Mediatek chips are the most preferred and the most popular processors in China.

  10. seaman

    Hello Kris. Do you know if there is a store in Dalian, china selling Meizu quadcore ? im interested in buying this phone. thanks

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! I’m sorry but I really don’t know. I think Meizu is available all over China. But Shenzhen is the place to be if you want to buy cellphones at factory price.

      1. seaman

        Kris where Shenzhen is located?

        1. Kris Amora

          You can check this map to locate Shenzhen: Map of Shenzhen.

  11. Flox

    Hi Kris

    i saw this app detail from fastcardtech.com – the app has camera details, pictures sizes, cpu details, memory, etc. I wonder what app fastcardtech use as i would like to check it too once i get my i9220.

    With your exposure to China phone, perhaps you know what app is that?
    I am not talking about Antutu – as i already know that..

    I have posted on slatedroid but no seems to reply (or know) what app is that. Below is the link:


    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Flox,

      Sorry but I don’t know the name of the app. You can ask Fastcardtech the name of that app. Just leave a message on one of their pages or you can use email or chat. To visit their page, click here: Fastcardtech.

      Best regards,

  12. Revo

    Hallo Kris,
    nice to meet you.I find really useful your comments, but now i am a little bit confused :-)
    Some time ago i bought a Zeontouch(Bluebo)B1000 from fastcardtech. I am very happy of it. But it is a little bit slow.
    I need something faster. I was looking for Lenovo a750, Zopo 100, and ThLw1. HAve you some suggest for me?
    I would like it has real GPS good ram and italian language .
    I wait for your reply.
    Thank you and best regards.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Revo,

      If you want a faster phone, look for something that has at least 1GB RAM and Android 4.0 ICS. I recommend Jiayu G2. It has real GPS, 1GB RAM, and Italian language. But if you can wait, the dual core phone Jiayu G3 will be released by the end of this month. It should be faster and better than any of phones mentioned above.

      Best regards,

  13. Tom

    Hello, Kris. I am so glad to get into your blog.

    I am looking for a phone after my first android phone was stolen. First of all, I need a phone with good screen. I can bearly read my old smartphone when I am under sunshine outside. Which screen technology do you recommend?

    Another concern about Chinese smartphones it that many of them do not have Google Market app installed. Forgive me being naive, I need to download a lots of apps. The only way to do it for me is to search and download through this app. Do Chinese phones have reall Google Market app installed and working?

    Thank you, Kris.


    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Tom,
      I recommend phones with IPS screens, the same screen technology used by Apple iPad. They are clear even when viewing from different angles and much better than ordinary screens when viewing under the sun.

      Most Chinese smartphones today already have Google Market or Google Play pre-installed. To be sure, ask the seller if it has indeed Google Market. I bought a Chinese smartphone Jiayu G2 and it already has Google Market installed. I have downloaded apps from Google Play without any problems. Some of the apps have been labeled by Google Market as incompatible with my device. When this happens, I just download the “incompatible” apps from another website and install them on my phone. The apps work perfectly.

      Best Regards,

      1. Tom

        Dear Kris:

        Hello. Thank you for your reply. I will be very thankful if you recommend me some phones with IPS screen and Android ICS? I want the phone work fast and most importantly, of good quality and reliablity. Which inexpensive brand in China is good? (Sure Apple is always good but beyond my budget.) :-)

        Thank you.


        1. Kris Amora

          Hi Tom,
          I recommend Jiayu G2 which costs around $162. This is the phone that I have now and I am very satisfied with it. It has an IPS screen and Android ICS. Navigation is fast as well as its internet browsing. It has great quality. I never had any problems so far. I also recommend its dual core successor, Jiayu G3, but it is not yet released. It costs around $210. It should be released by mid-August. But check first the 3G frequencies in your country and make sure the phone supports them. Otherwise, 3G won’t work.

          1. Tom

            Dear Kris:

            My carrier uses 1700/.2100 frequency for 3G data. Because Jiayu supports 2100 only, I guess that I am out of luck for this phone, right?

            Do you know any IPS screen phone with 1700/2100 for 3G? Thanks.


          2. Kris Amora

            Hello Tom,
            It appears that Jiayu’s 3G may not work under your carrier. I don’t know if there are any Chinese phones that support 1700/2100 MHz. You better ask Fastcardtech which android smartphones they sell support your carrier’s 3G frequencies. Leave a message on one of their pages. Click here to visit their website: Fastcardtech.

  14. Revo

    Hi Kris.
    I am curious to know what do you think about Lenovo A789.
    It has the new mtk 6577 chip but onlu with 512 MB ram.
    Is it affordable? is it similar to JIayu g2 or g3 ? ’cause the lenovo brand is more known here than Jiayu.
    Let me know. thanks

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Revo,
      Lenovo is a good brand. But the A789 pales in comparison with Jiayu G3. Jiayu is one of those up and coming brands that have great potential to succeed internationally. I believe we should give Jiayu a chance to prove its worth.

      Looking at the specs, the A789 only has 512 MB RAM. Android 4.0 runs optimally with 1 GB RAM so I expect A789 to be not as smooth as Jiayu G3. Also, it only has a 5 megapixel back camera without flash and a 0.3 megapixel front camera compared to Jiayu G3’s 8 megapixel camera with flash and a 2.0 megapixel front camera. And lastly, A789’s screen is 4.0-inch, 800 x 480 pixels while Jiayu G3’s is 4.5-inch IPS 1280 x 720 pixels. From this comparison, I believe Jiayu G3 has better value for price.

      Lenovo A789 is still a great smartphone and it is very affordable for a dual core handset with a price of around $176. But it just can’t compete with the Jiayu G3 in my opinion.

  15. Ethan

    Hi, Im looking for an android phone with the ff:

    -Android ICS OS
    -Dual SIM
    -analog TV and FM radio
    -atleast Dual core

    Most features are available to MTK6577 phones but the TV feature is what’s lacking.

    Any suggestions?



    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! I don’t know any dual core phone with a TV feature. So far, MT6577 dual core phones that have been released recently do not have the TV function. It’s predecessor, MT6575, has some phones with the TV feature. Check out Star Note N8000.

  16. didi

    i want to buy this, HDC Galaxy Catatan Ditambah GT-I9220 N7000 (5,3 inci)
    i am from malaysian, how do i get him.?
    is name sale store at malaysian..?

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! I don’t think it is available in Malaysia unless someone from your country imported it. You can buy it from Fastcardtech. They ship to anywhere in the world including Malaysia. I have made a several purchases from them and there were no problems. Click here to visit their website: Fastcardtech.

  17. burhanuddin

    hi kris i want to ask how to buy this phone from china how??

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! Are you referring to HDC Galaxy Note Plus GT-N7000 I9220? You can buy it from Chinese online shops. The shop that I have personal experience is Fastcardtech and I recommend them. To visit their website, click here: Fastcardtech. You need to register on their website in order to buy their phones. You can pay them through Western Union, Moneygram, Bank Transfer, or Paypal. They ship to anywhere in the world.

  18. Usman

    Hi Kris…
    first of all you have an amazing blog especially for some one interested in chinese cellphones and i found your blog really helpful. Now i am planning on coming to china for a week with my uncle and i was wondering if i could purchase the Jiayu G3 from the market there and is there a chance for it to be available say in between 22nd and 27th august ???
    and heaven forbid if i cant get the G3 then could you help me in buying a cheap android phone below 200 dollars.
    here is what im looking for
    2. 1GB RAM
    3. Good screen…preferably IPS
    4. Good Battery
    5. 3G
    6. Android 4.0 and the option of upgrading the ROM in future..
    and lastly i have read in a couple of places that the battery life of chinese cell phones is really bad is it true..???
    and yeah ill be flying in from india.
    So plz help me out coz i really love the Jiayu G3 and hope its available by the time im there…

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Usman,

      Jiayu G3 is expected to come out by the end of this month or by 1st week of September. Hopefully, it will be out during your visit to China. But if not, try checking these phones out: Newsmy Newman N1, ZOPO ZP900 Leader, IHTC One X MT6577, and Star N9880.

      Battery life of Chinese cell phones is pretty much the same as the famous brands like Samsung. Battery life would depend on the capacity of the battery. The bigger the capacity, the better.

      1. Usman

        Hi again
        thanks for the suggestions..i have now decided that if in case i cant get the G3 i will go for the ZOPO ZP900 Leader. but i have a question. on the fastcardtech website they are saying that the phone hasnt been released yet. And on Zopo mobile shop the price is $299. could you plz tell me the correct price….

        1. Kris Amora


          I believe the price in Fastcardtech is not yet final. It is a pre-sale price. It may change once the phone is released.

          But sometimes I find some Zopo phones sold much cheaper at Fastcardtech than at Zopomobileshop. It may be because Zopomobileshop adjusts its price for international customers and Fastcardtech gets its phones directly from the factory that builds Zopo phones. By the way, Zopo does not have its own factory that’s why you can find some OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brands that are identical to Zopo phones. The Chinese brand Hero is an example of this. Zopo ZP500 and Hero H8000 are identical both in looks and in specs. Hero is cheaper than Zopo but Zopo has better after sales service.

          Anyway, we should wait until ZP900 is released before drawing any conclusions. Then we will know the correct price.

  19. Riiyo

    Hello Kris,
    I’m thinking of buying a china mobile but I hear that most of them aren’t of good quality and such, though I don’t believe its true (and I have no doubt about Lenovo & Meizu) , I’d like you to share your point of view!
    And also, which phone can be a good reccomendation for these specifics: Good & big screen, Back & front camera (preferably 5.0 mp for back), Good battery, 3G and etc… Also, I like to download alot of apps.
    Thanks & a very useful blog you have there!

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Riiyo,
      There are some Chinese phones that have poor quality. But there are also many that are excellent. I trust the brands Lenovo, Huawei, Jiayu, Meizu, Zte, Zopo, ThL, and some others. If I have to recommend a phone to you, I’d say wait for Jiayu G3 to come out. It has great specs and a very affordable price. Find out more about the phone by clicking here. It is due to be released by the end of this month or by early September.

      1. Riiyo

        Thankyou, Kris!

  20. Doyin

    Thinking of buying a chinese android 4.0 phone witth full english support. Been thinking of lenovo a789, thl v9, jiayu g2, xiaomi 1s. Need a phone that is fast, durable, has good battery life and a strong build. Thanks. Ur blog is awesome. It’s the best i’ve seen about chinese phones. Keep it up!!!

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Doyin,
      Thanks for visiting my site! There are a lot of good phones. Among the choices you’ve mentioned, I think Xiaomi M1S is the best, although it is just a single sim phone. For dual sim, I would choose Jiayu G2 Plus. It is already dual core. I have a single core Jiayu G2 and it is already fast and has good battery life. There’s no doubt the dual core Jiayu G2 Plus would be much better.
      Best Regards

  21. Lee Lamb

    Hello Kris, I found your website,cool. Right know I have a blu studio 5.3 the first version. I am looking for a 6 inch phone. Which one will you prefer. I am looking for at least 1gig of ram. The blu has only 250 mb. Also a great camera. I am looking to purchase one like tomorrow. I’m leaning toward the carpad note f6. THANKS!!

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi Lee! There are two 6.0-inch smartphones featured in my site: Star N9880 and CarPad Note5 F6. I would go for CarPad Note5 F6. It has a much better bulid in my opinion. Unfortunately, both of them only have 512 MB RAM as I have confirmed with Fastcardtech now. I don’t know if there are any 6-inch tablets with 1 GB RAM. Both of them have good cameras. CarPad has 8 megapixel rear camera while Star has 5 megapixels.

  22. Doyin

    Which top quality 7 inch tablet will you advise me to get? need something with stellar battery life, strong build and prefarably a sim card for 3G/GSM access?

    1. Kris Amora

      I think PiPo U1 is a great 7 inch tablet. To view its specs, click here. To check out other 7 inch tablets, click here.

  23. Indra87

    Hi there, :)

    I’ve just stumbled on your site, good site, I was actually only interested for an iphone clone but now I’ve found something else, thanks to you. I have the same opinion as you, china’s phones are getting better and better, I guess you will be very busy soon answering people questions.. :p

    Good luck. :)

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! You are indeed right! I’m very busy answering questions from my visitors. Sometimes I couldn’t catch up with the countless comments that flood my site. Anyway, it’s great that my website is appreciated by many. Keep in touch!

  24. Sara Moberg

    Hi Kris
    I wonder how to install apps if the phone doesn’t support Google market? Even if you go there in the browser you still have to log in to the google store and it rekognises your phone.
    Thanks for a very intresting site.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! You can download apps from other sites then install it using file manager.

  25. doyin

    The pipo U1 u recommended is wifi only. It doesn’t have 3g. Pls recommend another 1. Are u affiliated with fastcardtech? Thanx

  26. Murray

    Hi Kris,
    I found your site too late! I had just ordered a N8000 phone which appears to offer great value, good big battery and good processor speed. I hope it lives up to my expectations.

    Without the help of your site I found the task of selection very difficult. Some apparently trivial features I wanted seem to be ignored, for instance what phones have an anchor point for a strap? I intend to use the GPS feature bushwalking using the OziExplorer Android app and I don’t want to lose the phone. A small feature but very difficult to add afterwards.

    Also for my purposes it would be great to have a comparison of battery endurance with the GPS turned on.

    I won’t be buying another phone for a while I hope but will recommend your site to my friends.


    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Murray,

      Thanks for visiting my site. I think N8000 is still a good buy. But it may be a little outdated since dual core phones have already come out with almost the same price.

      There are many phones that have anchor points for straps. You can look at the pictures of the phones to know which ones have them. GPS may need some setting up before using. You can also add GPS apps to help improve the GPS features. And I think the battery is large enough to handle your GPS needs.

      I believe the phone is great value for its price. I hope the phone will meet all your expectations.


  27. Cristobal

    Hola Kris. Te escribo desde España.
    Necesito información sobre Jiayu G3. ¿Es buen telefono?. En mi país Jiayu no es un fabricante conocido.
    Al comprar no quiero equivocarme y tirar el dinero.
    Estoy dudando entre Jiayu G3, Thunderbird I5 y Goophone I5.
    Thunderbird y Goophone en todas las Web están fuera de stock. ¿Conoces alguna tienda online que estén disponibles.
    Muchas gracias y saludos desde España.

    Hi Kris. I write from Spain.
    I need information on Jiayu G3. Is it a good phone?. In my country Jiayu is a well known manufacturer.
    When buying me wrong and not throwing money away.
    I’m torn between Jiayu G3, Thunderbird I5 and GooPhone I5.
    Thunderbird and GooPhone in all are out of stock.
    Do you know any online store that are available?
    Thank you very much and greetins from Spain

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello Cristobal,
      Thunderbird i5 and GooPhone i5 will only be available by the end of this year or early next year. There is no definite time yet. As for Jiayu G3, only a limited supply was made and unfortunately stocks for Jiayu ran out virtually everywhere. I don’t know if there is any shop that still has this phone in stock since it is hot-selling.

      I trust Jiayu the most since I have a Jiayu G2 and it has performed very well for me. I don’t know much about GooPhone i5 and Thunderbird i5. So I recommend Jiayu G3. But you may have to wait until it becomes available again.

  28. Ivano

    the site you suggested x purchases Fastcardtech, only provides smartphone-language cine and English, but it is possible to have also added Italian language, how do you?

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! You can ask the shop if they could install custom ROM with Italian language. If they cannot install it, you can also install it yourself by rooting the phone. You can search the steps on how to root the phone via Google.

  29. akash

    does any china smartphones comes with htc butterfly specs kris
    if yes plz let me know. and yes they should have a good built quality,
    Eagerly waiting for your reply.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! I’m not sure if there are any China phones out there which is identical to HTC Butterfly specs. But try looking at this quad-core 5-inch phone: ThL W8. For more quad-core phones, click here.

  30. Kusumo

    Related to Health, is there any information about SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) of these phones? And my second question, is about the capability in receiving GLONASS (Russian GPS) satellite.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Sorry I don’t have information about SAR values of these phones. I have read that these phones are capable of receiving GLONASS. Try searching Google about it.

  31. Kelly

    Good evening, it’s night here in Brazil, there should be day, would like an honest opinion of you, you have already purchased the site fastcardtech.com?
    It scam, bought there and I’m worried.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! I have bought from Fastcardtech many times already. All of my orders have been delivered successfully and I had not experienced problems with the gadgets I purchased. It is a legitimate online shop.

  32. Sergio

    Hi Kris! First I want to congratulate you on your website. I’d like to tell me, and I hope you can help me or advise me. I bought it one year a Chinese phone a Note A75, but unfortunately broke the screen a couple of months ago. I have been unable to find a place in Spain where I was fixed as it does not work with this material. Luckily I found the phone model on this website, in video Dapeng A75 with 5-inch screen. Would it be possible to get this screen to install here?
    Regards from Spain. thanks

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! I’m not sure if Dapeng A75 is compatible with your phone. I know that Dapeng A75 is an OEM phone and there are several China phones identical to it but with different names. Probably your Note A75 is one of them. Anyway, there are many Chinese online shops that sell screens. They should be able to provide you a screen compatible with your phone. You can search it on Google. They can send you the screen and you can have it installed in Spain by any local cellphone repair shop.

  33. David

    Hi Kris,
    at first let me thank you a lot for this great china phones review blog. Is it great job, what you are doing and it is very helpful and valuable also for me, who is very amateur in phone area :-) I am just user .
    I would like kindly ask you for help and recommendation of suitable phone, if possible.
    I am from Czech Republic and looking for quality cell phone with these parameters:
    1. 4-4.7inch screen
    2. minimum 1 GB RAM
    3. good quality screen
    4. good GPS module
    5. dual core
    6. good battery
    7. price up to150USD max. 200USD
    8. reliable manufacturer

    If you could recommend me some phones, it would be great I hope not only for me, as I am quite lost amonk a lot of phone types, manufacturers, etc
    Thanks a lot in advance and I wish you great day.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi David! I recommend Jiayu G3T. It is already quad core which is better than the dual core you mentioned. Jiayu is one of the better Chinese brands. To know more about Jiayu G3T, click here.

      1. David

        Hi Kris,
        thank you very much for your recommendation.

        1. Kris Amora

          You’re welcome David! I wish you all the best in choosing your next phone.

  34. Vlado

    Hi Kris,can i ask you a few questions?
    Firstly: What do you think what are the best chinese smartphones between 100$-170$ well ill mean can you suggest me any specified smartphones?
    Secondly:I consider of buying Star Galaxy S4 GT-I9500- MTK6515 2.0GHz or HDC Galaxy S4 U9500- MTK6589 Quad Core but i cant make a final conclussion.Could you tell me your opinion on these 2 smartphones and by your subjective opinion which one will you suggest me to buy?
    Thanks for your soon reply.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! The best smartphone would have to depend on your preferences like screen size, design, and other features. But I suggest you go for newer models with the MT6589 CPU. Try looking at this phone: Jiayu G3T.

      If you are choosing between Star Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 and HDC Galaxy S4 U9500, I suggest you choose the latter since it has the newer CPU which is already quad core and it will have newer features.

  35. Austin

    Hi Kris. First of all, you have a very cool blog!
    I´ve just been able to find some info, which I coudln´t do even in the gsmarena.
    I´d like to ask you to help me out for buying a large screen (6inch) smartphone with a reasonable price.

    1. There seem to be several models in the 6 inch category. Which one will you recommend me?
    The key points for me are as below:
    1) Manufacturer:Major, 2) User: Many (enough to get custom roms),
    3) Performance: not important (I don´t usually play games),
    4) Use: PDF reading, Video play, Music, Photos… 5) Misc.: Battery life, ICS(Retina) with high resolution.

    2. I’m considering Zopo zp990 (what’s the difference with captain S) and Huwai Ascend Mate. Any opinon?

    3. About when to and where to buy…
    I´ve heard that there used to be many special offeres with price down after the Chinese New Year.
    What do you think about it?
    And, I´m thinking of buying one in Aliexpress.com. Do you have any better idea?

    Thank you. You´ve already helped me a lot. :)

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Thank you for the compliment! I recommend Zopo and ThL phones. Zopo ZP990+ (Zopo ZP990 Plus) is the upgraded version of Zopo ZP990 Captain S. It has the latest Octa-core CPU. Personally, that would be the best choice along with ThL T200. They both have the same Octa core CPU, MT6592, which supports dual SIM capabilities.

      Huawei Ascend Mate is a good quad-core phone. Although it may not have the latest octa-core CPU, it makes up for it with its features. It may also suit you since you stated that you are not worried about getting the fastest performance. Huawei Ascend Mate is a practical choice.

      Just compare the specifications of the phones and choose which set of specs you prefer the most. You can buy them at the online shops I recommended here in my website or you can buy them in other sites like aliexpress. Compare the deals and choose the shop that gives you more value for your money.

  36. Jack

    Great Blog!
    I will be in Shanghai on May 2014.
    I hope I will be able to find OPPO Find 7 at that time.
    Will I be able to get it in a shop or only on online shopping?

    1. Kris Amora

      Hello! Yes you can buy it in a shop in China. Hopefully it will be available by then. You can also buy it online.

  37. Pablo


    I just saw your blog, very good
    I wanted to ask you a question for you, what would be the best clone iphone 5/5s?
    I’m interested in one, but I would like to get the best, the one that most resembles physically and in software, it is clear that the more powerful better, I think, had seen the Thunderbird i5s Golden Touch EX-ID http://www.fastcardtech.com/Thunderbird-Golden-i5s-EX-toch-id-android-phone.html?u=49407 but did not know if this was the best or.

    What you advise me?

    A greeting and thanks

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! As of the moment, that phone may be the best iPhone clone. It has the better specs among the clones. I have not tried it but the appearance and specs look impressive.

  38. despina

    Hi, My name is Despina , three weeks ago , I bought the cell phone cubot T9, but unfortunately it had an accident (ok my fault :( ) . How can I find this spare part the replacement touch screen for cubot t9?. I appreciate it if you have an answer for me.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! You need to search for online shops that sell replacement touch screens. If you cannot find one that is specific to your phone model, ask the online shops if they have a touch screen that may be compatible to your phone, since your phone is an OEM and may be compatible with other phones’ touch screens.

  39. Rene Steensma

    Hi Kris,

    A couple of weeks ago I got a Lenovo 850+ from my chinese friend while in Beijing. I have tried to locate an english manual since but failed. The only manual I am able to download is a quick startup guide that is not too helpful to fully understand all the features.
    Are you able to assist? I am a norwegian national. Lenovo does not sell mobiles in Norway.

    Thanks in advance and best regards,

    Rene Steensma

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Sorry I do not have an English manual for Lenovo A850+. You can try visiting Lenovo’s official website.

  40. Jose Geraldo

    I live in Brazil and I bought by AliExpress, a Lenovo K910 Vibe Z. After two months of use the phone stopped working. The phone hung up and did not care anymore. Could you tell me if there concert for this phone? In China there has concert for this phone? Here in Brazil It do not sell Lenovo mobile phones. Grateful for the help.

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Lenovo should have an authorized service center in Brazil. Visit Lenovo’s official website or contact their customer service for more information.

  41. kostas

    Hello dear Kris. Could you help me pick a smartphone? 2giga ram, 16giga rom , single sim,battery Big enough for Fast Internet Use. Not very expensive, max 150-170$.
    Thank you a lot.
    Have a healthy life!!!!

    1. Kris Amora

      Hi! Check out these phones:
      Lenovo Golden Warrior A806
      ZTE Star1 (S2002)
      IUNI U2
      HDC S5 Spark

      1. kostas

        Hello dear Kris .
        Thank you for the suggestions .
        Have a nice Day

  42. kostas

    Dear Kris.
    Do you know the t-ebuy.com site?
    I had an email with great opportunities but no PayPal.

    1. Kris Amora

      I am not familiar with that site. I suggest you choose sites that support Paypal because Paypal protects the buyers.

  43. kostas

    Thanks dear kris .
    Have a perfect weekend !!!!

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